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 The manifestations of Lord Sri Krsna
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Bhaktin Hema

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Inserito il - 18/01/2007 : 16:53:14  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
The supreme personality of godhead Sri Krishna possesses all riches, all strength, all fame, all beauty, all knowledge and all renunciation , so he is called Bhagavan. No one is equal to or above him and he is the supreme cause of all causes.

His Divine Grace A.C BhaktiVedanta Swami Prabhupada explains that it is not possible to comprehend the greatness of krsna and his opulence because the senses of the individual soul are limited and do not permit him to understand the totality of krsna’s affairs.

Krsna also knows that the living entities do not understand the extent of his opulence which are limitless, he therefore state only the principal manifestations of his different energies to Arjuna.
The principal manifestations of his different energies as told by the lord himself and explained by Prabhupada are as follows.

Firstly the lord says he is the supersoul which means he is the soul of the entire cosmic manifestation he is the beginning of this universe, the maintainer of the universal manifestations and the end of all energy.
Further the lord says of the twelve Adityas he is the principal, among all the luminaries twinkling in the sky, the sun is the chief and in the Brahma-Samita the sun is accepted as the glowing eye of the supreme lord. There are fifty varieties of wind blowing in space and of these winds the controlling deity, Marici represents krsna.
And further more of the Vedas he is the Sama Veda, of the demigods he is the Indra, the king of heaven, of the senses he is the mind and in the living being he is the living force (consciousness).

There are eleven rudras, of whom Sankara or lord Siva is predominant, he is the incarnation of the supreme lord in charge of the mode of ignorance in the universe. The leader of the yaksas and raksasas is Kuvera, the master treasurer of the demigod and he is the representation of the supreme lord, of all the mountains krsna represent Meru mountain which is famed for its rich natural resources.

Of the priest lord is Brihaspati, of the generals he is the Kartikeya and of all the bodies of water, the ocean being the greatest represent the lord himself. Of the great sage he is Bhrgu, of vibrations he is the transcendental OM, of sacrifices he is the chanting of the holy names and of immovable things he is the Himalayas, of all the tree he is the Banyan tree and of the sages among the demigods he is Narada, of the gandharvas he is Citraratha and among perfected being he is the sage Kapila.
Uccaihsrava and Airavata are the horse and elephant respectively produced during the churning of the ocean for nectar represent the lord.

Of the cows he is Surabhi which can be milked anytime and they give as much milk as one likes, of weapons he is the thunderbolt of causes for procreation he is Kandarpa, the god of love and of serpents he is Vasuki, of the many hooded nagas he is Ananta and among the aquatics he is the demigod Varuna. There is also a planet of pitas, ancestors, presided over by Aryama who represent krsna, among the dispensers of law he is the Yama the lord of death, among subduers he is the time, among the beast he is the Lion and among birds he is Garuda, of purifiers he is the wind, of the wielders of weapons he is Rama, of the fishes he is the Shark and of flowing rivers he is the Ganges, of all science he is the spiritual science of the self and among logicians he is the conclusive truth, of letters and among compound words he is the letter A and dual compound respectively, of creators he is Brahma and he is also the inexhaustible time. Of the poetry he is the Gayatri, of months he is Margasirsa(November-December)and of season he is the flower-bearing spring.

He is also the gambling of cheats, of the splendid he is the splendor, he is the victory, adventure and the strength of the strong, of the descendants of Vrsni he is Vasudeva, of the Pandavas he is Arjuna and among great thinkers he is Usana . Among all means of suppressing lawlessness he is the punishment and for those who seek victory he is the morality and of secret things he is the silence and of the wise he is the wisdom.

There is no limit to such opulence, only a few examples are being described to Arjuna.
Any glorious or beautiful existence should be understood to be but a fragmental manifestation of krsna’s opulence, whether it be in the spiritual or material world. Anything extraordinarily opulent should be to represent krsna’s opulence.
The very topics of krsna are so relishable that they appear to the devotee as nectar, thus the devotee enjoy discussing krsna’s opulence and his diverse energies and take transcendental pleasure.
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