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 The super soul with in us
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Bhaktin Hema

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Inserito il - 28/12/2006 : 00:28:02  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
The super soul as paramatma is present along with the soul in every living entities.
The presence of supersoul can be realized when the living entities interact with the supersoul after complete surrender to him and after realizing that he is the ultimate shelter of all living entities.

The soul and the supersoul are compared to the two birds sitting on the same tree. One bird is fully engrossed in eating the fruits of the tree and the other bird is watching this fruit eating bird, the fruit eating bird is the soul and the watching bird is the supersoul and the tree is the material body.

The supersoul as paramatma is just waiting when the soul turns towards him detaching all the temporary enjoyment of the material world. He is just waiting to take back the soul to its permanent home, back to godhead. But the living entity forgets of going back to godhead and thinks only of his sense enjoyments and desires to lord over the material nature. He also forgets that he is the eternal servitor of the lord and his duties is to serve the Lord.

The supersoul being so merciful just waits for the soul to enjoy all his desires and when the soul realizes that the material world is not his permanent home,then he is given a chance to engage himself in devotional service and then an opportunity to realize absulute truth.

His divine grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada explains the absolute truth realizing in three phases of understanding namely Brahman ,paramatma and bhagavan. These three divine aspects is explained by the example of the sun, which also has three different aspects, namely sunshine , the sun’s surface and the sun planet itself.

One who studies the sunshine only is the preliminary student. One who understands the sun’s surface is further advanced. And one who can enter into the sun planet is the highest. Ordinary students who are satisfied by simply understanding the sunshine – its universal pervasiveness and the glaring effulgence of its impersonel nature – may be compared to those who can realize only the Brahman feature of the absolute truth. The students who has advanced still further can know the sun disc, which is compared to knowledge of the paramatma feature of the absolute truth. And the student who can enter into the heart of the sun planet is compared to those who realize the personal features of the supreme absolute truth.

Therefore the bhaktas, or the transcendentalists who have realized the bhagavan feature of the absolute truth are the topmost transcendentalists, although all students who are engaged in the study of the absolute truth are engaged in the same subject matter. The sunshine, the sundisc and the inner affairs of the sun planet cannot be separated from one anothere, and yet the students of the three different phases are not in the same category.

Therefore krsna being the original supreme personality of godhead, the absolute truth is the source of both the supersoul and the impersonal Brahman.

Thank you, Hare Krishna !

Bhaktin Hema
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