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 Birth of Krishna (part 2)
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Bhaktin Hema

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Inserito il - 08/08/2014 : 12:16:15  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
Celebrating The birth ceremony of Lord Krishna (part2)

Nanda maharaj, the foster father, celebrated the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna very joyfully.
According to the vedic custom, Nanda maharaj called for the learned astrologers and brahmanas to perform the birth ceremony. After the birth of a child, the astrologers calculate the moment of the birth and make an horoscope of the child's future life.

Another ceremony takes place after the birth of the child, that is the family members take bath, cleanse themselves and decorate themselves with ornaments and garlands, then they come before the child and the astrologer to hear about the future life of the child.

All the brahmanas who were assembled there on this occasion chanted auspicious mantras according to the rituals. All the demigods and the forefathers of family were also worshiped on this occasion.

Nanda maharaj distributed 200,000 well decorated dressed and ornamented cows to the brahmanas. He not only gave cows in charity, but also gave hills of grains, decorated with golden bordered garments and many ornaments.

All the ecstatic cowherd men dressed themselves with very costly garments and ornamented their bodies with different kinds of ear rings and necklaces and wearing turbans on their heads approached the house of Nanda maharaj with various kinds of presentations.

Also the cowherd women became overwhelmed with joy and they also dressed themselves with various kinds of costly garments and ornaments and smeared scented cosmetics on their bodies.

Nanda maharaj was very happy to see the pastimes of the cowherd men and women who were very joyfully and they began to throw yogurt milk, clarified butter and water upon the bodies of the gopis. Later both parties began to throw butter on each others bodies.

It is very important to note in this connection how wealthy the inhabitants of Vrindavan were, simply by raising cows.
All the cowherd men belonged to the vaisya community and their bussiness was to protect the cows and cultivate crops.

By their dress and ornaments and their behavior it appears that although they were in a small village.
They were still rich in material possessions. They possessed such an adundance of various kinds of milk products that they were throwing butter lavishly on each others bodies without restriction. Their wealth was in milk, yogurt, clarified butter and many others milk product and by trading their agricultural products.

They were rich in various kinds of jewllery, ornaments and costtly dresses. Not only did they possess all these things but they could give them away in charity.

(End of article)
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