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 News from RKC no. 9 - August 2010
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Inserito il - 30/08/2010 : 18:03:53  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
Radio Krishna Centrale
Virtual Temple

7 Via Lanfranchi
56125 Pisa - Italy
Ph. 0039 050 2201411
Fax 0039 178 2200628

WEB: http://www.radiokrishna.com
MAIL: rkcfi@radiokrishna.com
MSN Messenger: rkcitaly@hotmail.com
SKYPE: radio-krishna
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Radio-Krishna-Centrale/237369940273

RKC TEAM: http://www.radiokrishna.com/rkc_team.php

TRKN - Tele Radio Krishna Network
Worldwide Broadcasting Radio-TV

Live Stream: http://www.radiokrishna.com/stations
Download Archive: http://www.radiokrishna.com/download
Forum: http://www.radiokrishna.com/forum
Books on line: http://www.radiokrishna.com/books
Yoga: http://www.radiokrishna.com/bhaktiyoga

Dear Friends, Hare Krishna!
Welcome back to the annual news from Tele Radio Krishna Network.

We are inviting everyone of you to attend some of the many festival organized by the Hare Krishna movement, on this period. Please contact your Hare Krishna's nearest center to know schedule of events, days, time etc.: http://directory.krishna.com

The main meetings are the following:

WHEN : Around September 2 (according to the geographic position)
WHAT : SRI KRISHNA JANMASTAMI (Appearance day of Lord Krishna)
WHERE : All Hare Krishna main temples/centers
+ INFO : Contact the nearest one (http://directory.krishna.com/)

WHERE : Around September 3 (according to the geographic position)
WHAT : Appearance day of Bhaktivedanta Svami Prabhupada (founder of Hare Krishna movement)
WHERE : All Hare Krishna main temples/centers
+ INFO : Contact the nearest one (http://directory.krishna.com/)

WHERE : Around September 15 (according to the geographic position)
WHAT : Appearance day of Srimati Radharani (eternal companion of Krishna)
WHERE : All Hare Krishna main temples/centers
+ INFO : Contact the nearest one (http://directory.krishna.com/)

WHEN : Around September 19 (according to the geographic position)
WHAT : APPEARANCE OF SRI VAMANADEVA (manifestation of the Lord)
WHERE : All Hare Krishna main temples/centers
+ INFO : Contact the nearest one (http://directory.krishna.com/)

If you are in Italy in September, you can also join us at Milan Ratha Yatra:

WHEN : Saturday 11, September (to be confirmed)
WHAT : RATHA YATRA (Festival of Chariots)
WHERE : Milan
+ INFO : Visit www.harekrsna.it/home.asp

You are always welcome with your friends, we are waiting for you !
(Please note all events are free entrance and participation).

For further information please contact your nearest Hare Krishna temple/center, asking programs, timetables and so on: http://directory.krishna.com/
You can also to follow the festivals in live stream or webcam via internet from some temples around the world, here is a list: www.radiokrishna.com/stations
Have fun !

Thanks to all of you, RKC website has now exceeded 3,800,000 hits, having an average of almost 3200 pages views every day, in addition to several thousands of audience in live streaming and downloads from our media-archive: www.radiokrishna.com/download
We thank you sincerely!

Thanks to the service of Bhakta Fabio we are now running two new streams of RKC Terni, Italian radio-shows and devotional music in high-quality sound (128 Kbps - 44 KHz - Stereo):
MUSIC HQ: http://www.radiokrishna.com/RKC-Terni-MUS-HQ.m3u
ITALIAN HQ: http://www.radiokrishna.com/RKC-Terni-HQ.m3u

The page with links to radio-TV stations and videos from various Hare Krishna temples and centers worldwide Hare Krishna ( http://www.radiokrishna.com/stations ), is now updated and published on RKC home page for easy search.

Among our network stations, we specially have 2 channels great as audience:
1) Bhakti yoga classes by master Tridandi dasa from RKC Terni ( http://www.radiokrishna.com/terni )
2) Meetings in RKC Buenos Aires, Argentina ( http://www.radiokrishna.com/buenos_aires )

Programs and music broadcasted by RKC Terni are also available for listening and downloading from our archive: more than 520 files were recently added, thanks to the service of Devaki Rupa Devi Dasi:
MUSIC HQ: http://www.radiokrishna.com/rkc_archive_new/index.php?q=f&f=%2FNew+Music+%28High+Quality%29
ITALIANO HQ: http://www.radiokrishna.com/rkc_archive_new/index.php?q=f&f=%2FItaliano+HQ

Good listening and vision !

Currently about 320 people interested in the practice of bhakti yoga, is forming the virtual group of RKC Pisa, whose members benefit from assistance by RKC staff via phone, email, chat, messenger, skype, forums and so 'on.

RKC on Facebook is increasing too, thanks to the service of Bhakta Andrea. The site contains presentation of many books, pictures and more: almost 850 friends are now connected, join us, you are always welcome (english and spanish pages are coming soon) !

In collaboration with a famous Hollywood director and producer, RKC is preparing the screenplay of a first film, highly professional, having as central theme the dialogue and the topics spoken in the Bhagavad-Gita, framed by episodes described in the Srimad Bhagavatam, and may be in other Vedic operas such as Mahabharata etc., as presentation of the entire Krishna's mission on Earth, 5,000 years ago.

The cast will be composed also by very famous actors, in order to make understand fully the philosophy, the culture and the Vedic science worldwide. According to the audience, we can furtherly produce a series of works for film and / or television, on similar themes.

Everyone who want to offer devotional service in the production of this film, please contact urgently RKC Pisa studios (see above for details): we need actors, writers, choreographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, decorators, costume designers, assistants, extras and bit parts etc.
Projects, parts and ideas are evaluated to be included or adapted to the screenplay, still under work.

This is an excellent opportunity to use your talents for the service to the Lord, in a pleasant and helpful job at the same time.
We are waiting for you !

Do you like the service RKC? Promote or support it with your help: http://www.radiokrishna.com/promote.php
Thank you very much!

For any information please contact Radio Krishna Centrale at rkcfi@radiokrishna.com
Enjoy with Tele Radio Krishna Network, best regards, Hare Krishna !

Gualberto Berti
(Gokula Tulasi das)
RKC Pisa Studios
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