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 Transcending the modes of material nature

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V I S U A L I Z Z A    D I S C U S S I O N E
Bhaktin Hema Inserito il - 25/06/2008 : 00:50:27
The supreme personality of godhead Lord Sri Krsna explains that this material nature consisting of three modes- goodness, passion and ignorance. When the living entity comes in the contact with the nature, he becomes conditioned by these modes.

Srila Prabhupada explains in his purport the words of the Lord how a living entity can become transcendental to these modes of nature.
Prabhupada says that Krsna first indicates that a person transcendentally situated has no envy and does not hanker for anything material. When a living entity stays in this material world embodied by the material body, it is understood that he is under the control of one of the three modes of material nature.

When he is actually out of the body, then he is out of the clutches of the material modes of nature, but as long as he is not out of the material body, he should be neutral. He should engage himself in the devotional service of the Lord so that his identity with the material body is forgotten. When one is conscious of the material body, he acts only for sense gratification, but when one transfers the consciousness to Krsna , sense gratification automatically stops.

One does not need this material body, and he does not need to accept the dictation of the material body. The qualities of the material modes in the body will act, but as spirit soul the self is aloof from such activities.

How does he become aloof?

He does not desire to enjoy the body, nor does he desire to get out of it. Thus transcendentally situated, the devotee becomes automatically free. He need not try to become free from the influence of the modes of material nature.

Srila Prabhupada further explains the dealings of a transcendentally situated person. The materially situated person is affected by so called honor and dishonor offered to the body, but the transcendentally situated person is not affected by such false honor and dishonor. He performs his duty in Krsna consciousness and does not mind whether a man honors or dishonors him. He accept thing that are favorable for his duty in Krsna consciousness, otherwise he has no necessity for anything material, either a stone or gold. He takes everyone as his dear friend who helps him in his execution of krsna consciousness, and he does not hate his so called enemy. He is equally disposed and sees everything on an equal level because he knows perfectly well that he has nothing to do with material existence. Social and political issues do not affect him, because he knows the situation of temporary upheavals and disturbances. He does not attempt anything for his own sake. He can attempt anything for krsna, but for his personal self he doe not attempt anything. By such behavior one becomes actually transcendentally situated.

Hare Krishna

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